5 Employee Communication Apps That Leverage Mobile Devices


An employee communication app is the perfect way to connect your people, especially when they are working remotely. With nine-in-10 Millennials owning smartphones, it’s essential to have an employee communication app that can leverage the power of these devices.

Look for an internal communications app with news-sharing capabilities and engagement analytics. It should also be easy to use and integrate with other tools.


Staffbase is an internal communications platform with a mobile-first approach. It enables leaders and communicators to unite their teams behind a shared story and make it accessible anywhere, on any device. In addition, it features powerful analytics to seize opportunities for impactful communication and quantify results. Staffbase also provides a wide range of integrations and APIs for customizations.

The software allows users to customize their apps with new distribution lists, which can be used for sharing content with specific people. Users can also embed Staffbase channels directly on their intranets or in the company app, allowing them to display content in a seamless way.

The software allows companies to bring their processes into the employee app or intranet with a variety of options, such as surveys, quizzes, and gamification. This helps to increase user adoption and create a more efficient workflow. Moreover, it integrates with thousands of tools through Single-Sign-On. It also supports local platforms for frontline employees through micro-apps.


Beekeeper is an all-in-one frontline success system that connects employees to the people and systems they need to do their work. Its mobile-first solution unifies teams and provides frontline workers with direct access to the information they need. It also empowers them to make better decisions and improve performance.

The platform allows users to create posts with photos, videos or documents and share them with a team, location or the entire workforce. Employees can also use it to communicate with each other using chat messaging and voice calls. Moreover, Beekeeper supports multiple languages and includes a call button within chat messaging to allow colleagues to instantly contact each other.

Beekeeper’s mobile-first solution also allows managers to quickly and easily send targeted communications. For example, they can distribute a health and safety update or request for volunteers to participate in a survey. In addition, they can track and review submissions from employees who submit vaccination status or a COVID check. They can also automatically remove terminated employees from the system.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud-based storage service that allows users to upload and save a wide variety of file types. Once uploaded, these files can be accessed from any device that has access to the internet. It also offers a number of apps that make it easier to work with documents and other files.

Drive is similar to other cloud-storage tools like Dropbox and iCloud, but it’s backed by the power of Google’s office suite. Its productivity apps include Docs, Sheets and Slides, which function as replacements for Microsoft Office programs. It also has add-ons that allow users to split and merge PDFs, digitally sign documents and create flowcharts from within the Drive web interface.

Data stored on Drive is protected with 256-bit encryption before it leaves a user’s device and 128-bit encryption when it gets to Google’s servers. It also supports two-factor authentication and has integrations with tools like Salesforce, Trello and DocuSign. The enterprise version of Drive, called Google Drive for Work, offers unlimited storage and more management controls for IT administrators.


Yapp is a do-it-yourself mobile app creation platform that can create iOS and Android apps for events, internal communications, communities, and teams. It is used by organizations from small nonprofit associations to large enterprises.

Apps built with Yapp can be accessed offline and will work even on spotty Wi-Fi networks. They are also fully responsive and will update in real time, which is important for event planners. In addition, a number of features can be added to the apps to create a more interactive user experience.

Users can add social feed pages, document uploads (including PDF and Word), and an admin-only feed page to the app. They can also send push notifications to show up on attendees’ home screens, which is useful for delivering important updates or announcements. Messages can also be sent to specific groups of users, such as conference attendees or team members. Messages can include a photo, video, and text. Additionally, a custom logo can be added to the app.

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