A Kiddush Fountain Elevates Your Shabbat Dinner


Of Sacred Items And Gorgeous Tchotchkes
The Jewish tradition of kiddush (sanctification of wine) is a beautiful one, and this beautiful fountain elevates your family’s Shabbat or holiday meals. Traditionally, the host pours a small amount of wine into a special mug called a kiddush cup. This cup is passed around to the guests, who take a sip from it. These cups are often heirlooms, received from parents or grandparents, or purchased as wedding gifts.

In order to make it easier to pass the wine, little matching cups were created to hold the wine that was poured from the big kiddush cup into the smaller ones. However, it could be awkward to pass around a large mug while trying to eat and talk, especially if you had many people at your table. It was also difficult to keep the cups from spilling onto nice Shabbat tablecloths, causing stains and unhygienic situations.

Today, we have a much more elegant solution: the wine fountain!

The central stand holds the main kiddush cup over which the blessing is recited. It is surrounded by a circle of 8 smaller liquor cups that are filled from above by silver pipes, decorated with delicate filigree designs. As the liquid flows down into the cups, a wonderful cascade is created that brings interest and excitement to the meal, while also making it easy for all to participate in the blessing. This nickel-plated set from ART Judaica is a wonderful way to add beauty and elegance to your Jewish meal and elevate this important ceremony.silver judaica

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