A Review of a YouTube Video Downloader


There are many free tools you can use to download videos from YouTube, but some of them are malware-laden. So, we recommend you choose dedicated apps instead of online services to ensure your device is safe. You should also consider using a malware scanner like CleanMyMac X to keep your computer safe.

This YouTube video downloader has a clean, modern interface and offers a variety of features. It lets you copy and paste the URL of a video, select the desired quality, and choose an output file format. It can even download subtitles and a full list of channels and playlists. Moreover, it can grab the video in various resolutions, which is a great feature for people who want to watch videos on larger screens.

Another feature that sets this tool apart from others is its batch downloads, which allow you to grab multiple videos at once. This can be particularly useful if you are watching a series or want to have all your favorite videos saved on your device. It can even save the videos in a separate folder for easier organization.

Lastly, this program allows you to download videos from a wide range of websites, including Vimeo and Facebook. It is also compatible with most Windows operating systems, from 8.1 to 10. It has a user-friendly interface that is easy for anyone to learn how to use.

While it doesn’t offer as many features as some other programs, WinX is a popular third-party choice for Windows users. It can grab videos from a wide variety of sites and platforms, and it can convert them into a usable format for a mobile device. youtube video downloader

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