Abrasive Wheels Training is designed to help reduce the risk of accidents and injury for anyone who uses abrasive wheels in the workplace. It teaches delegates about wheel types, safety protocols, storing procedures and more. This online course is available for all employees to take and is fully compliant with all the relevant legislation.

Abrasive wheels are powerful pieces of equipment, which can be extremely dangerous to operate without the proper knowledge and safety procedures in place. They work at high speeds to cut, shape, smooth or clean a wide range of materials, but as they spin they can throw out particles that can cause serious injuries. These particles can damage skin, or even penetrate deep into the eyes if they are exposed for extended periods of time. In addition, if someone’s clothing or hair becomes caught in the wheel it can draw them into the machinery, potentially causing fatal injuries.

It is a legal requirement under The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 (PUWER 98) that all workers who use abrasive wheels receive suitable and appropriate training before operating them. This Abrasive Wheels Awareness training will give delegates the skills and knowledge to safely mount, dress, set and use the full range of wheels for bench grinders, hand-held angle grinders, Stihl saws and more.

Upon successful completion of this online course, all delegates will be issued with a quality assured certificate which can be used as evidence for compliance and audit purposes. This certificate has no expiry date but we recommend a renewal period of 3 years. Abrasive Wheels Training

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