Abundance bracelet is a gorgeous unisex gemstone bracelet adorned with 8x9mm agarwood beads that have a healing, relaxing and harmonizing impact on your mind. It also carries 9mm cinnabar crystals that aid in the realization of one’s desires and the accumulation of money.

This bracelet is also crafted with Green Aventurine and Citrine. Both these gemstones are powerful manifestation stones and help you attract luck, wealth and prosperity into your life. They are believed to balance your solar plexus chakra, which increases self-confidence and enhances your willpower. Green aventurine is also a stone of abundance and prosperity, helping you visualize new possibilities and make them a reality. It also helps you get back the money you lost due to bad decisions and brings you financial independence.

Wear this abundant gemstone bracelet on your left wrist to receive the vibrational energy of the crystals. It is the receiving side for the body and soul, so it is best to have this type of crystal bracelet on that side. Wear it with an intention and see how the energies of the bracelet change your life for the better. You can use it to manifest a desire you have or simply to boost your motivation and energy levels so that you are more productive at work. You can also use it as a healing tool for any issues you are facing, including financial problems, family difficulties or health related ailments.. abundance bracelet

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