AKSA Adopts BKSA Kite Surfing Road Rules

  • Be sure that you can handle the prevailing weather conditions and never sail in offshore winds unless it is in a suitable location.
  • The upwind rider gives way to the downwind rider.
  • The rider on the port tack gives way the rider on starboard tack.
  • Kite surfers using the seafront should give way to other water users and retreat to a safe zone outside of the navigational channel when other craft approach.
  • The seafront can get exceptionally busy both on the beach and in the water. No matters how competent you are,Guest Posting or good the conditions look, never risk the safety of others.
  • Always maintain a 50-metre downwind safety zone between yourself and other craft. In the event of coming into conflict with other water users stabilize your kite at noon.
  • Never kite surf within 50-metres upwind of any moored vessel.
  • Never kite surf in or near to the bathing areas and swimmers, buoys and boat moorings.
  • Never practice jumping on land or close to the beach.
  • When returning to the beach, give way to riders who are launching.

This dramatic interest in the athletically demanding sport has given AKSA founders encouragement about the value of their newly founded organization.  Logan Long, co-founder of the association was not surprised by the results; “It’s just simply the biggest adrenaline rush available.  The combination of air, water, land, wind power, physical strength and balance the force of nature are the qualities that attract Kite Surfers.”

American Kite Surfing Association is the leading organization for kite surfers in North America.  Founded in 2006 by two extreme sport enthusiasts, membership is anticipated to exceed 30,000 before the end of the year.  The purpose of the enterprise is to bring heightened awareness to this fast-growing, dynamic, and fun sport.  A vast array of information, products, and techniques are available to the visitors of the AKSA website, www.kite-surfingusa.com. After more than a decade of popularity through Europe and Australia, active North American extreme sport athletes are recognizing the maximum adrenaline rush through kite surfing.  According to Cathi Long, co-founder of AKSA, “The exhilaration of hang time in kite surfing is unbeatable…kite surfers are simply the sexiest athletes.”  AKSA will select 50 leading industry product manufacturers to highlight and profile throughout an extensive national media outreach campaign. kite kurzy

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