Angels On Assignment – Angel Art


I want to share a story of one of the angels in my life. My niece’s special love for angel art can be traced to a specific time of divine intervention in her childhood. Her collection of angel art is detailed with angel figurines, angel paintings of oil, watercolors angel pictures, anything and everything relating to angels. Growing up there were times that her life was threatened and suddenly there was help out of nowhere. The Bible says, “Angels are ministering spirits sent to the heirs of salvation.” Because of that she knows this guardian angel was sent save her life.

When she was 7 or 8 years old we were in a national park that has a concrete foot bridge crossing a creek. The clear cold spring water runs under the bridge and the current is strong and swift flowing through the channels under the bridge. We were at a family reunion and enjoying the day with family and the cool water when we all heard my niece crying. Immediately we went to where she was standing on the foot bridge and began to ask her what was the matter. She began to tell us a story that would forever change all of our lives. While she was wading she slipped and before she knew it, the current had pulled her into the opening under that bridge, but the opening wasn’t big enough for her to go through. It was just big enough for the pressure of the water to suction her against the opening and trap her where she couldn’t help herself. She was trapped on her back under the water.

She said that she will never forget the feeling that she had of being under that cold swift water with her eyes open being able to see, but not being able to help herself. When suddenly out of nowhere this BIG, STRONG man (in her heart she knew that he was a guardian angel) reached into the water and picked her up and set her on the bridge.

By now we are all looking to see where this guardian angel was, but he was gone. We led my niece across that bridge and up and down the creek bank, but the angel was no where to be found. Someone that she had never seen before and has never seen again saved her little life that day. Seemingly the guardian angel was only about one thing and that was completing his assignment. We are forever thankful for that angelic intervention and my niece has never questioned or doubted who saved her life that day. Cherub Figurine

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