Auto Cold Drawing Machine


Auto cold drawing machine is a machine for cold working metal rods to reduce their diameter. It can be used to draw various kinds of metal wires. The final products can be used in a wide variety of applications. Besides, the finished product will also have better tensile strength. This is because the more cold drawing that a metal goes through, the stronger it will be. In addition, the finished product can be shaped into any shape that is required for specific industrial applications.

A number of factors can influence the energy-power parameters of the drawing process, such as the tensile strength and yield strength of the material being drawn, the tendency of the alloy to harden during drawing, and the lubrication properties of technological lubricants. Consequently, the accuracy of the mathematical model that determines the energy-power parameters of the drawing process is extremely important.

In addition to the tensile and yield strengths, there are other important aspects of cold drawing that should be considered. For example, the cold-drawn materials will be bright annealed. This is a very important step, and it helps to improve the tensile, ductility, and hardness of the materials. It is also possible to combine length cutting and pointing processes after cold drawing to save on processing time.

The cold-drawn materials can also be improved by changing their microstructures, which are based on the chemistry of the metal being drawn. This can be done by changing the temperature of the dies or by increasing their lateral pressure. These changes will allow the metal to be drawn at higher speed, which can result in increased efficiency and lower costs.

HOREN’s automatic bar-to-bar drawing machine is the ideal solution for any industrial application that requires precision and strict tolerances for re-sizing and shaping. It can be used for drawing a wide range of metal bars, including round, hexagonal, square, and rectangular shapes. It can even be used to draw linear guideways and other symmetrical alloys.

This is because it can be designed to draw a wide range of diameters. It is also capable of drawing different types of metals, such as carbon steel, low alloy steel, stainless steel, and copper and aluminum. The machine is also equipped with pneumatic mandrel lifting and forward system, tube pusher, and unloading devices for greater efficiency.

In this way, the rebar can be bound together at every joint or connection of construction in order to prevent them from breaking apart and causing safety hazards for workers. This is especially important for large projects where it is impossible to use manual methods for tying the rebars together. These machines can be found in many construction sites and are a cost-effective solution to the safety problems that can arise from improperly tied rebars. This is why they are so popular in the world of construction. This is particularly true for constructions that involve a lot of concrete, such as skyscrapers and bridges. Hence, the need for these machines is becoming increasingly important as the world continues to grow and develop.

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