Benefits of Using Telephone Headsets


Telephone headsets allow you to work hands free during your phone calls. You can type, take notes, or walk around while on the phone without having to hold it between your ear and shoulder which over time can cause neck discomfort. Headsets also improve productivity allowing you to multitask during calls which will make your callers happy.

Most of our headsets come with noise cancelling technology which helps eliminate background distractions during your phone calls. The microphone concentrates on your voice and reduces up to 75% of distracting background sounds. This allows your caller to clearly hear you and eliminates confusion and fatigue.

Our wireless headsets give you the freedom to move up to 300ft from your desk during a phone call. An audible alert lets you know when you have an incoming call and you can easily answer it, even while walking to the printer or getting that much needed cup of coffee. No more missing calls or playing telephone tag which results in missed opportunities and unhappy customers.

If you are a first time headset user it is important to understand that you will need an amplifier (Plantronics M22 pictured) and a bottom cable. Many people purchase only the headset and then find themselves frustrated because they don’t realize that an amplifier is required to connect it to their phone. The amplifier provides mute controls, speaker and microphone volume control as well as compatibility settings for your specific phone. AA batteries are included with the amplifier and typically last for months of continual use. telephone headsets

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