After a period of tiny bags that could only fit oxygen and Tic Tacs, we’re happy to report that big bag fashion is back. From luxury resale sites to runway collections, it seems like the roomy carry-all is as in style as it’s ever been.

Whether you’re shopping for an oversized bag to fit your entire life or a chic leather accessory that can squish into those pesky airport size devices, there’s something for every budget and taste. But why exactly is it that large bags are back? What makes them so special and how do you find the best one for you?

We’ve consulted some industry experts and put together a guide to help you find the perfect large bag for you.

The key to this season’s oversized bag trend is that, unlike many past styles, it feels genuinely practical. “This season’s biggest handbag trend is all about functionality,” explains Elizabeth Layne, chief marketing officer of luxury resale platform Rebag. “Instead of oversized sunglasses, velour tracksuits and crocodile Birkin 35 bags, the new generation of oversized bags are practical and stylish.”

For years, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were known for their love of large bags. They’d often be spotted with a jet-black patent Chanel Cabas or a tan Hermes Birkin (both of which they later reissued as the Twins Tote). Getting papped with a giant bag gives a brand instant fame and consumer awareness. It’s no wonder, then, that brands are pushing this spacey style in their F/W 2023 collections.

When used up, დიდი ჩანთები can be shredded into valuable raw material by using a specialised waste shredder such as the WEIMA Big Bag Master. The large hopper can easily be loaded with big bags which have been pressed into bales or left loose. The rotor, counter knives and ram of the machine then work to shred the big bags into a uniform grain size. From there, they can be processed into re-granulate and then fed back into the production cycle to be used in the manufacture of new big bags.

In the meantime, big bags are proving their utility in industries such as agriculture and construction where heavy loads need to be transported safely and quickly. These rugged woven bags also help to reduce costs by eliminating the need for a pallet. They are easy to lift with a forklift or conveyor belt and the Minini design even allows them to be folded to save storage space in a warehouse.

But the real advantage of these bulky but lightweight bags is how they help to keep products fresh. By keeping products at the correct temperature, they eliminate shrinkage and moisture, which improves shelf life. And since the FIBCs are completely recyclable, they’re also good for the environment.

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