Breast Milk Storage Bags – How to Use Them Properly


Breast milk storage bags are a convenient, inexpensive and safe way to store your pumped breastmilk. Many feature a pour spout and an easy-to-seal zipper that ensures no spills, plus they’re usually pre-sterilized — a major time-saver for busy moms. They can also be frozen flat, which will save space in your freezer and allow you to make smaller bottles of milk if needed (the CDC recommends storing breastmilk in six to 12-month increments). Some mothers choose to use a separate chest or deep freeze exclusively for their pumped milk, while others may choose to carry some of it in a cooler if they’re out and about during the day.

While some moms choose to use a regular sandwich bag for breastmilk storage, this is not recommended since it’s unlikely that you can be sure the bags are sanitized properly. Similarly, it’s not recommended to freeze breastmilk in plastic milk containers or glass jars as they could break and may be unsafe for your baby to drink from.

Instead, opt for a high-quality breastmilk storage bag such as those from Medela or Lansinoh. After pumping, simply transfer the milk into the bag, being sure to leave some room at the top for expansion as it freezes. Seal the bag tightly and label with the date, time and amount of milk. Some brands of breastmilk storage bags are even reusable, which can be washed and sterilized in the sink or with baby bottle sanitizer between uses. how to use breast milk storage bags

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