Many people feel that warranty policies have often been over-priced. Part of the problem has been that there have been relatively few options when buying a policy.

This is a market that has been dominated by car dealerships, car supermarkets and other car retailers. Such is the dominance of these companies within the sector that few of us have even been aware that there were alternative products available.

Our lack of awareness has actually increased the problem. As a result, car retailers have been able to price the products at relatively high levels, safe in the knowledge that few of us are prepared to shop around and compare prices.

The reason why too few people do shop around when buying car warranties is because there is a general lack of knowledge about what else is available.

Independent car warranty companies must take most of the blame for this situation. They have focused too heavily on selling their products to car retailers, rather than looking to target consumers directly.

This failing has led to increased prices being paid by UK car owners and a general distrust in the market.

It seems as though things are now starting to change. A number of specialist car warranty companies have woken up to the fact that consumers are interested in buying direct.

They’ve started to sell their products online as a result. This is leading to far greater transparency and to some significant price decreases as competition has increased.

If you want to save money on car warranty then you’d be wise to compare prices and standards of cover online.

By making yourself more aware of what is available, you should be in a position to make an informed decision. extended warranty on new car

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