Choosing an MBA Online Or in-Person


Online learning is a good choice for self-motivated, organized students who have excellent time management skills. However, it can be difficult to keep up with classwork without the built-in accountability that comes from an in-person setting.

If you choose an MBA program that offers networking events, online students can still build connections with classmates and professors that can help them in their careers after graduation. In fact, alumni from some of our top online MBA programs share stories about how the relationships they built in their program continue to impact their careers long after graduation.

Whether you choose an mba online or in-person, it’s important to find a program that has a reputation for excellence and that fits well into your professional life. Look for schools that offer the level of support you need to succeed, which may include access to tutoring services or career placement resources. Also, consider if you’ll need to cut back on work hours or leave your job while pursuing your degree so that you can devote the necessary time to it.

UNC Kenan-Flagler’s mba online program develops strategic leaders equipped to drive innovation and lead change. We have a highly selective admission process that requires significant professional experience and strong GMAT/GRE scores. Our program combines the rigor of UNC’s world-class MBA curriculum with an immersive virtual classroom and unparalleled career support. Learn when it’s convenient for you with flexible, asynchronous online courses that incorporate recorded lectures and interactive discussions. Many of our students also choose to pursue a concentration, which adds 3 more courses and allows you to focus on subjects that align with your career goals.

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