Combat Sports MMA Punching Bag Gloves Review


MMA gloves are designed with sparring, grappling, and clinching in mind. While they work well for those activities, they are not the best choice for heavy bag training because the thin padding can cause abrasions to your hands and knuckles. To avoid this, you can use gloves that are specifically made for heavy bag training or a pair of puffies which offer thicker padding and better wrist support.

The Combat Sports mma punching bag gloves feature an open thumb design that allows the fingers to move freely and is a bit more spacious than other MMA gloves on this list. It has a 3mm thick padding and according to the manufacturer it can absorb the shock 3 times. This is very good and the glove feels soft and comfortable. It takes a little longer to break in but a couple of sessions should get it right.

This pair of MMA gloves also offers a wrist strap that wraps around the hand one and a half times and stays firmly in place. This ensures that the gloves do not shift during a session. This is important because a shifting pair of MMA gloves can cause damage to your hands and knuckles.

These gloves are designed for beginner MMA fighters looking for an affordable pair that meet state regulations and prioritize safety. However, if you are a senior-level or serious competitor you should look for something else as these gloves do not match the quality expected at higher level competitions. Gants mma sac de frappe

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