Cycling Gifts For Cycling Lovers This Christmas


If you’ve got a cyclist on your Christmas shopping list, there are plenty of cycling gifts to choose from. Whether you’re looking for cycling gadgets or clothing, there’s something to suit every budget and every cycling interest. There are also some cycling-related books that make great presents for bike lovers, including a book that describes the best and most challenging climbs in England.

The cliche about cyclists loving to squirrel themselves away in their sheds isn’t entirely without foundation – many of us love spending time on our bikes. So if you’re looking for something to elevate their shed into an actual bicycle boutique maintenance centre, this bespoke workshop set is just the ticket. They can even choose their own landmarks to be added to the piece.

If a cyclist on your list has talked about wanting to up their game a bit, this online personalised cycling training plan could be the perfect gift. They’ll get a 12-week training programme with a trained coach as well as access to nutrition and training guides and videos.

For the cyclist in your life who isn’t quite ready to step up to a road racer but still wants to improve their riding, this set of rollers will help them improve their balance and bike handling. They’re easy to set up and can be used on a flat surface like their driveway or in a gym.

It’s not just the big racers who need to keep their fingers warm in winter – regular cyclists can do with a pair of decent gloves. This pair from Endura are breathable and waterproof and they have a gripping pattern on the palms to prevent slippage. They’re a great price too and come in a variety of colours.

For a more eye-catching cycling-themed jewellery option, there’s this colourful pair of pedal earrings. They’re not only subtle enough for wear in the office but they’re made by a UK-based small business. And if you want to give a more practical but stylish present, this Knog Oi Classic bell is both eye-catching and useful.

If the cyclist in your life is a fan of cycling history then they’ll love this book that details the story of Britain’s most famous cycling races. It’s full of interesting facts and figures as well as photographs from the era.

If you’re after a more light-hearted present for a cyclist then this duck horn is sure to make them laugh. It’s a fun way to let other road users know that they’re coming up behind you. It’s the kind of thing that will only be funny if you’re actually wearing it on your ride though so it might be better to stick with a more sensible cycling-themed present.

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