Whether your kids roll their eyes or laugh out loud, dad jokes are the perfect way to break up dinner or make car rides more fun. We rounded up some of our favorites for the whole family to enjoy. What do two pieces of bread say when they get married? They fell in “loaf” at first sight. Q: What do you call a claustrophobic astronaut? A fsh.

Dad jokes are sweet and wholesome—but they also have a unique brand of humor that makes us half-giggle, half-groan. Generally, they involve some kind of pun or play on words and have that extra level of cheesiness that we all love. A 2016 study published in Laterality found that the humour in dad jokes lies in their over-the-top punchlines. This is likely why they’re so memorable and enduring, and can even be used to help kids understand the concept of a funny bone.

Kids can out-dad their dads with these hilarious jokes and even learn how to write their own! Filled with goofy jokes about school, sports, animals and more, Dad Jokes for Kids will have children rolling on the floor with laughter.

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