Dental Equipment Suppliers in the UK


Not so long ago, visits to the dentist often sparked fear and resulted in pain. Many people would soothe their toothache with aspirin and clove oil, while others resorted to DIY extractions. Today, visiting a dentist is less painful and more comfortable thanks to advances in technology and dental chair design. However, some clinics are still using substandard equipment that can cause serious problems for both patients and practitioners.

This is why choosing your dental products and supplies wisely is so important. It is also vital that you only work with reputable suppliers who can guarantee the quality of their products. A reliable supplier is bound by a comprehensive professional code of practice, bespoke training and a common vision – so you can feel confident that the products and supplies you buy from them are of the highest quality.

Backed by decades of clinically proven technology and a team of solutions experts, Dentsply Sirona provides dental professionals with the tools they need to optimise their patient outcomes. Their wide range of dental products is sourced from around the world and are designed to minimise chair time, maximise patient satisfaction and improve operational efficiency.

Bracon is an independent dental supply company that has been serving the UK for more than 30 years. They are proud to represent a range of manufacturers, supplying a comprehensive selection of high quality dental equipment and furniture. They have even developed some of their own exclusive products to meet the demands of the modern lab and clinic. dental equipment suppliers in uk

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