Dometic Dometic Parts Failures


Dometic manufactures a wide range of products that are used to enhance the comfort of RVs, boats and mobile homes. The company’s refrigerators, air conditioners and awnings are renowned for their high quality and ease of use. However, as with any appliance, dometic parts can malfunction, especially when not properly maintained or if they’re older. If this happens, the best course of action is to perform a few basic troubleshooting steps before seeking professional assistance or replacing the fridge entirely.

Catherine Papasan is a California resident who purchased her RV in 2005, which was equipped with a Dometic DM2652 gas absorption refrigerator. Since then, she has used her RV as intended and complied with all instructions provided by Dometic. Her refrigerator has never malfunctioned.

Andrew Young is a resident of Ohio who purchased his RV in 2009. He has also always used his RV as intended and complied with all applicable instructions from Dometic. Unlike Papasan, Young’s refrigerator has already failed and caused substantial damage to his property.

According to the complaint, Dometic has known about and had an opportunity to develop a safer alternative to its faulty gas absorption refrigeration system since at least 2001. The company allegedly possesses the necessary technology because it had previously acquired Atwood, an RV manufacturer that had been selling and marketing helium-based refrigerators. Unlike hydrogen, helium is an inert gas that does not burn and does not present the same inherent fire risk as hydrogen systems. rv refrigeration

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