Elevate the Look of Your Defender With a Defender Hard Tire Cover


Elevate the look of your Defender with this hard spare tire cover. It protects your rear wheel from the elements while showcasing the engraved CTC logo, highlighting the unmatched standards that define the Chelsea Truck Co brand.

It also helps deter theft by making the tire less visible. It can also help prevent the buildup of dirt and moisture inside your wheel well, which could lead to corrosion.

Protects Your Spare Tire

Whether you use your spare tire for emergency purposes or just to keep up with the maintenance of your vehicle, keeping it covered will protect it from the elements. This includes mud, dirt and rain that can be damaging to your wheel and tire if left exposed to the elements for too long. This also prevents harmful UV rays from reaching your tire and making it dry out and crack over time.

It will also deter thieves from stealing your spare tire. Unbolting a spare tire takes time and effort, not something a criminal wants to deal with. Some hard tire covers also feature a locking mechanism, which is even more effective at preventing theft.

Made from durable hard plastic with a high black glossy finish and embossed Defender logo, this spare tire cover adds to your vehicle’s appearance. The design features a drainage hole at the base for moisture, and is easy to fit with an elasticated self-adjusting band that results in a smooth fit around your spare wheel. The cover is designed to be used with beadlock wheels, but you can interchange it with a non-beadlock wheel by simply using a beadlock installation ring. This cover will be a great addition to your off-road adventures.

Keeps Your Tyres Clean

In the event of an emergency a fresh spare tire can mean the difference between life and death. It also keeps dirt, which retains moisture, from caking in your wheel well which could damage components like the suspension cooling fan and belt.

To protect your tyre cover you should regularly wash it with dish liquid and use a soft bristled brush or auto detailing brushes (great for textured plastic) to knock off loose dirt, grease and other substances. You can also apply a quality tyre dressing to help keep it in better shape. These typically have silicone as a base and look like a sticky clear liquid that fills the tiny pores of the rubber to make it appear more glossy. However, be careful with these products as many contain solvents which can prematurely deteriorate the rubber sidewalls of your tires.

You can also add an extra layer of protection to your tyres by getting them off the concrete as it will hurry dry rot and thread delamination. If you’re not able to get the tires off concrete you should lay them on a piece of wood or rubber mats. If you have a hard wheel cover you can easily fit these over it to ensure your tyres stay clean and protected from the elements. If you’re looking for an extra level of protection you can always opt for a full wheel cover like the Boomerang MasterSeries. These fully hard shell covers feature a black textured or color-matched molded thermoplastic face and are completed with a locking roll formed stainless steel ring that can be keyed to lock your tyres in place.

Protects Your Wheels

Protect your wheels and deter theft with a Land Rover defender hard tire cover It prevents thieves from getting a clear view of your valuable spare tire and makes it difficult to remove. The cover also protects your wheels from the elements and keeps them clean, preventing corrosion. Additionally, it can help to prevent water, dirt, and mud from entering the wheel well, which can cause damage to your suspension engine.

A defender hard tire cover can improve your vehicle’s appearance and add a personal touch. These covers are available in a variety of colors and styles, and some even feature the DEFENDER logo. They are made of high-quality materials and are easy to install. Some have locking mechanisms that make it harder to break into the spare tire.

The Chelsea Truck Co Defender Hard Spare Wheel Cover is a premium accessory that offers an excellent blend of style, protection, and bespoke luxury. The stylish cover is made of tough, high-quality materials to OEM standards and features a distinctive CTC logo that showcases the brand’s unmatched quality and craftsmanship. It fits the rear wheel of the Defender 90, 110, and 130 New Generation L663 and is designed to match the rest of the vehicle’s exterior styling. The cover also comes with a drainage hole that allows moisture to escape. It is easy to fit, with an elasticated self-adjusting band that ensures a smooth fit around the wheel.

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