Embrace the Future of Law Practice With Cloud Gavel


Embrace the future of law practice
A legal technology platform that provides document automation can help firms reduce time spent on routine tasks, which frees attorneys to spend more time focusing on cases and clients. However, choosing a system that meets your firm’s needs and offers the right features can be challenging. This article will highlight seven key questions to consider as you assess your options.

Cloud Gavel
Developed by Fusionstak LLC, the market leader in Electronic Warrants, this application enables law enforcement officers to act as soon as they have probable cause, thereby reducing the likelihood that suspects will be tipped off and flee. Officers can create a warrant on their phone or laptop from anywhere and electronically send it to a judge for review within minutes. This allows the officer to save valuable time by not having to travel to the courthouse.

This solution also allows agencies to save on unplanned overtime by maximizing the efficient deployment of police resources and eliminating the need to process paper paperwork. Agencies can also use the eWarrant system to share information with other departments in the region, which improves community safety and enhances crime detection.

The system also supports a mobile app that enables judges and commissioners who are enrolled as users to log in, review and approve/reject warrants using their iPhones or iPads. This streamlined app has fewer functions than the web access portal and is more convenient for judges and commissioners who are on the go. cloud gavel

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