Factors to Consider Before Using Agency Ad Accounts to Run Facebook Ads


Agency ad accounts are one of the ways that marketing agencies streamline their workflow and boost efficiency in managing multiple advertising campaigns for their clients. But despite their unique advantages, it is essential for advertisers to evaluate all factors involved before considering the use of agency ad accounts to run Facebook ads.

Choosing the right partner for your agency account is critical to success. Agencies with good reputations and recommendations are more likely to provide you with quality service and ensure that your campaign goals are met. You should also pay attention to their fee structure and ensure that they align with your budgets and objectives. Avoid agencies that charge excessive fees or engage in unethical practices.

Once you have a shortlist of potential agency partners, you should invite them to set up an agency account in your Facebook Business Manager. Once they have access, they can work with your Pages, Pixels, and Catalogs to optimize performance and drive growth.

As you invite agency partners to your Business Manager, be sure to grant them partner access (not owner). This will allow them to make changes to your account but prevent them from deleting, renaming or otherwise tampering with your assets. In this way, you can maintain control over the configuration and related data in the event of a future agency relationship.

Finally, you should insist that the agency configure conversion actions and audiences used by your child “Client” account in your Manager account itself so that they survive even in the event of an agency relationship ending (it is best practice to do this anyway). This helps to protect your ad account from any unnecessary disruptions.

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