Free AI Tools to Make Your Work Life Easier


Whether you’re an academic researcher looking for the latest in your field or a designer looking to streamline your workflow, there are free AI tools available to help. From converting screenshots into designs to automating your coding, there’s a wide range of ways these free AI tools can make your work life easier.

One of the most unique AI tools is Pi, which bills itself as “your personal AI therapist.” This free chatbot helps with mental health issues by conversing about problems and providing generic solutions, though it’s important to note that this tool cannot replace a real-life therapist.

Another useful AI tool is Fliki, which is a telehealth platform that can integrate with popular messaging apps like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. It can also be used in business meetings to record and transcribe conversations, which can be helpful for legal cases or training new employees.

While there are plenty of image-based AI tools, few focus on video production, which is where Viv comes in. This AI-powered tool transcribes video content and transforms it into stylish, high-quality videos. It can even add animation, which is perfect for corporate presentations.

Whether you’re trying to stay ahead of the competition or impress clients, this AI video maker will help you do it all. It has built-in image recognition, object removal, and background detection to ensure your video clips are professional. Plus, it allows you to edit footage and insert custom text or graphics.

It’s a bit hard to get through all that long YouTube video, but this free AI tool will help you do just that. Simply input the transcript of a YouTube video into Genei, and it will provide you with a short summary automatically. You can even ask it questions and receive relevant answers based on its knowledge base.

This AI-powered software translates confusing “legalese” into straightforward English for anyone to understand. It’s especially useful for law firms and individuals who want to ensure their contracts and documents are clear to all stakeholders.

If you’re in the market for a new logo, this AI-powered design tool can help you create the perfect one in seconds. It’s easy to use, and it offers a variety of different fonts, layouts, and colors to choose from. Moreover, it includes various design elements, including an AI face generator and AI photo editor.

You can use this AI-powered image-retouching software to retouch photos by removing unwanted objects or defects, such as dust, scratches, and wrinkles. You can also edit photos by adding or deleting pixels and adjusting their brightness, contrast, saturation, and more.

A popular choice among graphic designers, this AI-powered image-retouching tool can automatically correct color imbalances, remove shadows and highlights, adjust the hue of an entire area, and more. Moreover, it can also detect objects and adjust their positions to fit them into the right spot of an image. It can even turn your photo into a cartoon or add an artistic effect to it.

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