Funko Pop naruto is one of the most popular and collectible lines for fans of the hit anime series. The line features both original and Shippuden characters in a variety of poses and styles. Fans who want to add a bit of character diversity to their collection can find figures such as Kakashi Hatake in his Anbu Black Ops attire or the iconic Sasuke Uchiha in his Rinnegan form. There is even a rare glow-in-the-dark version of the Naruto (Kurama Link Mode) figure that has been reported to fetch up to $100 on eBay.

The original wave of the Naruto Pop toy line includes standard versions of main character Naruto Uzumaki as well as other ninja such as Sakura, Chakra and Tobi. The line also includes the jinchuriki of the Nine-Tails, Kurama. This character has a detailed design that closely resembles his appearance in the series, complete with his trademark ninja headband.

A number of exclusives are also available in the Naruto line. Fans can find a 6″ Super Sized Kurama that is a GameStop exclusive, while collectors who shop at Walmart can find a variant of the same figure with a Glow-in-the Dark chase feature. There is also a version of the ninja Gaara that captures his appearance in the Hidden Sand village, as well as a limited edition figure of masked Madara Uchiha that shows her holding her katana.

There are also a few Funko Pop toys that support charitable efforts. The Itachi with Kunai figure illustrates the misunderstood ninja as his backstory is revealed and gives him a new light. The Funko Pop With Purpose releases feature a sticker that indicates a donation to a specific cause. funko pop naruto

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