German is one of the world’s most widely spoken languages and a major international language. It is closely related to English, and it also has links to Dutch, Frisian, and Afrikaans and shares many characteristics of the West Germanic language family. The language is a complex system of sounds and grammar, which is challenging to master but rewarding for those who put in the time. Getting help from an expert can make learning German much easier and more efficient, and a tutor will provide quality content that is tailored to your skill level. You can find a German tutor near you on Superprof, where you can read their descriptions and message them for more information.

There are many options for those looking to learn the German language in New York City, with a variety of schools and classes offering lessons at different levels. For adults, New York City’s Brooklyn Language Center offers courses at a range of levels and for children and teens KinderHaus, NYC’s first German Immersion pre-school and pre-kindergarten based in Park Slope, is a great choice.

There are also many ten-week online evening courses available, with the Bronxville Adult School offering a German Beginner course for those with no prior knowledge of the language. These courses cover all four skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking, and are suitable for students of all ages and levels. For more information on the course syllabi please visit the school’s website. German lessons near me

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