Graduated Compression Socks For DVT


People who have jobs which require either long hours of continuous sitting or continuous standing are more prone to the developing deep vein thrombosis. In deep vein thrombosis the thing which happens is that the blood clot will form in the deep veins of the body. These deep veins are either in the leg or the arms.

The reason the blood will accumulate and clot is because of the fact that the veins which carry the blood back to the heart become dilated. These dilated veins then do not have enough pressure in them to send the blood back to the heart.

To assist in this blood being sent back there are various techniques and medical solutions available. The doctors generally advise that the person should walk every half an hour if you have a sedentary job. That will help you make sure that you do not have the blood accumulation and subsequently no deep vein thrombosis.

The other medical solution recommended by doctors is that you can have the compression socks which can apply pressure at various points. These are known as graduated pressure socks as these apply more pressure near the ankle and the pressure which is applied at the knee is less.

These socks are manufactured with standard pressure at the knee and the ankle. However if you need more or less pressure specification then most manufactures can make custom compression socks for you. Before buying make sure that you take consult a physician for the pressure specifications. These graduated pressure socks are also good for people who travel long distances in the economy class. custom dress socks

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