How an Answering Service Can Help Small Businesses


Often, small businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time receptionist or they’re so busy they can’t make themselves available all the time. That’s where an answering service can help. An answering service is a company that answers phone calls for a business or individual on-demand, providing customer service and taking messages. It’s a cost-effective option for companies who want to offer great customer support and capture leads while they’re busy working.

The best answering services are staffed by well-trained, courteous agents that can handle basic questions and concerns. They should be familiar with the operational structure and service offerings of their client organizations so they can provide accurate information and connect callers to the appropriate personnel, whether it’s a technician or driver. They should also be able to maintain a consistent company voice, using language and tone that fits the brand and making every interaction feel like an extension of the customer’s experience in-person.

It’s a shame to lose a potential customer because they reached your voicemail or were redirected to an unanswered machine. An answering service can ensure that all callers receive the attention and assistance they need to be converted into a paying customer. This includes scheduling appointments, dispatching information to drivers or technicians, transferring and collecting detailed caller information and more. In addition, an answering service can share key caller details with you or your team through a portal so that you can follow up on leads.

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