How Manufacturing Loans Can Help Your Business


Manufacturing businesses are the largest revenue makers in most countries, but sustaining such a large industry can be expensive. From purchasing raw materials to securing warehouse space, and not forgetting the costs of employee salaries, manufacturing loans can be helpful to finance the daily operations of a factory.

Whether your company is in the food, metal, transportation or clothing business, you may need funding to help with growth or to meet an emergency expense. Manufacturing financing solutions are available to help your business stay competitive and take advantage of opportunities when they arise.

One of the most common types of manufacturing financing is a term equipment loan. This type of financing allows your company to purchase a new piece of equipment with an interest rate and terms based on the lender’s evaluation of your personal and business credit and the value of the equipment being purchased. The equipment itself acts as collateral. When you make payments, you build equity in the machinery and at the end of your loan term, your company will own the equipment outright.

You might also want to consider accounts receivable financing, or invoice financing. With this option, a percentage of your future credit/debit card sales is paid back to the lender automatically. As you repay the debt, your credit limit is automatically replenished. This financing option is similar to a line of credit and comes with lower interest rates than secured financing options from traditional banks or lenders.

Another financing solution for your manufacturing business is a merchant cash advance. This type of financing is unique in that it’s not repaid with a fixed payment schedule, but rather by drawing on your business’ future credit/debit card sales and paying only interest on the funds you use. This financing is very useful to manufacturers because it’s an easy way to quickly gain access to capital to cover expenses or help with slow periods, without having to worry about a repayment schedule down the road.

There are many ways to fund your manufacturing business, including through a loan program designed specifically for small and medium-sized businesses. This type of financing can be more flexible than traditional loans and often focuses on a more holistic understanding of your business’s financial history. With this approach, you can receive approval for your business in a matter of days with little or no collateral needed.

You can also turn to an online lending marketplace like Become for quick and intuitive manufacturing financing solutions. By filling out a short application and providing basic background information about your company, you can be approved within hours. In some cases, you can even receive the funding you need the same day. With our manufacturing finance solutions, you can keep your production running smoothly no matter the situation. With our fast and simple processes, we’re proud to be able to help your business succeed. To learn more, contact us today..

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