How many types of cancer are there? know how dangerous


Hearing the name of cancer, people’s heart gets shaken, everyone thinks that this person has cancer, what will happen now, and it is also necessary to think because cancer is such a dangerous disease whose treatment is almost negligible. When any cells of the body start growing, they give rise to cancer, the treatment of which is very expensive, and cancer is treated only in a limited number of places.

Types of cancer

Doctors and researchers have detected more than 200 types of cancer, their symptoms are also different. But some cancers spread quickly in people like-

Blood Cancer

Usually, the cancer that occurs the most is blood cancer, in this type of cancer, cancer is born in the blood cells of the person’s body and it also causes a lack of blood in the body. Not only this, blood cancer spreads very quickly throughout the body.

 Lung Cancer

The person suffering from this cancer is completely broken. The patient also has a lot of difficulty in breathing, due to this symptoms like mucus accumulation, pain in bones and joints, shortness of breath, and loss of appetite are seen.

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Skin Cancer

According to research, the highest number of cases of skin cancer have been heard in the recent past. Skin cancer is mostly caused due to being in heat, apart from not eating good food, this cancer can also arise. This cancer has been seen in every type of person. dog dewormer cancer

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