How to Create a YouTube Playlist


YouTube playlists are a great way for channels and brands to organize their content, drive engagement with viewers and ultimately increase the number of new subscribers to their channel. Playlists are also a great way for brands to tell a story through a series of videos on a particular topic. For example Home Depot has a series of videos on how to jack up a car – when a viewer comes to the channel via search for that topic they are likely to watch other videos in the playlist as well.

To create a youtube playlist on your mobile device, open the youtube app and click “create playlist”. Select your privacy settings (public, private or unlisted) and add a title to your playlist. You can also choose to add a description of your playlist (up to 5000 characters).

Once you have added some videos to your playlist, you can click on the two lines that look like an equal sign on the left side of your screen – this will give you the option to move the video thumbnails up or down within your playlist – so for example you can move your favorite 80’s song to the front of your playlist to ensure it is always played first when the playlist is viewed. You can also edit your playlist by clicking the pencil icon which will appear when you hover your cursor over a playlist photo (the list of videos). This opens a window where you can change the name of your playlist, edit the privacy settings and add a description of the playlist (up to 5,000 characters).

If you want to collaborate on a playlist with others, you can do this too by selecting the ellipsis button and then clicking “Collaborate”. You can then share your unique playlist link with collaborators who will be able to view and add video clips to your playlist.

When you are done editing your playlist, click the “Save” button on the right hand side of your screen. This will save the changes to your playlist and you can now access it from any device that has a youtube app or browser installed. Your playlist will be displayed with a shortcut in the left sidebar of youtube, which will display your playlist photo (or whatever photo you have attached to it) and the name you gave your playlist.

You can also find your playlist by searching for it on youtube, clicking on the icon that appears in the search results and then selecting the name of your playlist. Then, if you need to make any more changes, simply navigate back to your playlist and click the pencil icon that will appear when you hover over the photo.

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