How to Create Custom Invitations for Your Wedding


Whether you’re planning an intimate destination wedding or a larger celebration, the right invitation sets the tone for your event. If you want an invitation that’s one-of-a-kind and truly represents you, going custom is the way to go.

First, decide on your style. You’ll want to create a Pinterest board as your mood board to identify the colors and elements you love, explains Weber. “From there you can start to narrow down the designers who share your taste,” she says.

Next, consider how much work you’re willing to do to customize a pre-designed template. If you love the design but prefer a minimal level of involvement, semi-custom is the route for you. However, if you’re interested in being very involved and collaborating with your stationer to create the perfect invitation suite, full-custom is likely the best option for you.

Digital printing is a quick and cost-effective process that’s ideal for watercolors, photographs, intricate typography and other detailed illustrations. It’s also great for achieving ombre effects, where the paper is dyed in varying color levels.

Foil stamping adds a gorgeous metallic finish to any design, and embossing is a beautiful technique that gives the impression your invite is raised and textured. Both of these can be done in addition to your printed text and image for an added touch of luxury and elegance. Etemply

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