How to Select a Fire Fighting Water Pump


A fire fighting water pump is a powerful tool that pumps water from the ground, ponds, tanks or natural bodies of water to the fire scene and supplies it to the fire sprinkler system. Depending on the terrain and job required, the pump may need to be larger or smaller in order to meet the demands of your fire scene. Our application specialists will be able to help you figure out exactly what type and size of water pump is needed for your fire protection system.

The first thing to evaluate is your available water supply. This could be a municipal water supply, on-site water storage tank or even a swimming pool (NFPA 13 allows pools, ponds and other raw water sources). Typically, a diesel engine centrifugal fire pump is the most common option due to the ease of use, reliability and cost. However, electric motor-driven engines are also an option and require less maintenance.

Next, you need to determine the flow and pressure that is required from the fire fighting water pump. This will be based on the water demand for your fire sprinklers, foam systems and hose reels and will be rated by local code requirements.

The final step is to select the correct nozzle for the fire scene. The nozzle must be rated at the required pressure and flow for the system, and it should have an easy to read gauge. The nozzle should also be able to track water supply availability and operate at the rated nozzle pressure and flow without tying up the attack crew. fire fighting water pump

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