How to Use YouTube Comments


YouTube comments are a unique feature that allows users to post statements, opinions, facts or questions about a video. They are one of the most popular features on the site, allowing viewers to create a community and discuss videos they enjoy watching. The process of commenting on a youtube video is simple, both on desktop computers and mobile devices.

YouTube has revamped its comment section with a system that requires users to log in using their Google+ account or have a youtube channel. The change is expected to improve the quality of comments at the site, which has long been plagued by spammers and trolls. The new system will also allow you to post replies and rate videos, which will make the experience much more social and fun.

When someone posts a comment on a youtube video, the website will automatically highlight it. This helps the creator of the video find and respond to important comments in a timely manner. However, highlighting comments can be abused and the use of the feature needs to be carefully monitored.

If you have a large number of comments on your youtube page, it is important to keep tabs on them to ensure that all of them are relevant. You can do this by visiting your YouTube history, which you can access by clicking on your account icon and selecting your data in YouTube. From here, you can view your comment history and see a list of all of the comments you have made on different videos. This is particularly useful if you need to verify the accuracy of a particular comment or want to know how many views it has received.

The most important thing to remember when creating a comment on youtube is that it should add value. A good way to do this is by pointing out something that is funny or by asking a question that will stimulate discussion. In addition, you should try to engage with your audience by giving a thumbs up or heart to their comments, which will encourage them to return the favor.

Managing comments on a youtube video can become a full time job for some channels, especially those with high amounts of traffic. For this reason, it is a good idea to develop a strategy for moderation and responding to comments in order to maintain the integrity of your youtube channel.

Sometimes you may encounter a problem with youtube videos where the comment section does not load. This can be caused by a number of things, including slow internet connections and problems with the underlying code of the page. If you are unable to fix the issue by reloading the page or trying another browser, it may be necessary to restart your computer to get the comments to load.

You can edit a youtube comment by clicking on the three vertical gray dots at the top right of the video screen. This will open a menu with options to Edit, Copy and Delete. You can also edit your comment by clicking on the History button in the top menu and then selecting your video and comment. youtube comments

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