How to Watch Free Sports TV Online


With sports streaming services on the rise, a sports fan’s options for watching their team and other teams are getting far more varied. But all the individual options, even those that bundle multiple sports channels together, add up to a price point that’s starting to rival what you’d pay for cable when you include a monthly subscription fee. And that’s not counting the cost of a TV set and a smart TV to plug those channels into.

The big streaming services offer a lot of different sports coverage, though the selection isn’t quite as deep as some would like. The top-tier services offer a mix of NFL and MLB games, as well as other leagues and even some niche events that you wouldn’t find on a regular broadcast network. They also offer a variety of other channels that appeal to more than just sports fans, such as music and lifestyle networks.

For example, NBC’s new streaming service offers a lot of sports, including the full NFL and MLB seasons, along with dozens of NCAA games on its NBC Sports College Pass. That’s a great option for those who want to watch a lot of sports and don’t mind paying a little extra to do it. But for a more affordable option, Fox’s Fubo offers almost everything that the bigger services offer, as well as a few extras, such as an $11-per-month add-on (billed quarterly) that’s all about international soccer.

Other services have specific sports offerings, such as the new MLS Season Pass from Apple, which is only for American soccer fans. It includes every game, plus access to the MLS All-Access channel, which features behind-the-scenes content, documentaries and classic matches.

Red Bull TV, which is a good choice for those who like adventure sports such as surfing, motor racing and snowboarding, also has a dedicated sports stream, which streams many of its events live for free. It also has a lot of archived videos.

The biggest problem with the current state of sports streaming is the sheer number of options. It can be overwhelming and frustrating to choose which service will work best for you, especially if you’re a well-rounded sports fan who wants to see the entire spectrum of action on your TV. The truth is that most people won’t be able to afford to subscribe to all of these services and still spend less than they would with a cable subscription, even one with the biggest sports bundles.

For cord-cutters, the best option is to get a basic streaming service that will give you ESPN and some other sports channels for about $40 per month. That will probably be enough for most people, although some may opt for a more expensive option that also offers more channels. For instance, DirecTV’s $70 basic package includes ESPN and a few other sports channels, while its $85 Choice option adds some more regional and national channels, as well as the MLS channel. 무료스포츠티비

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