This product is pure ithmid (antimony kohl) free from any added substances, chemicals and preservatives. It is a dark grey in colour and has small silvery specks in it. Ithmid is the only type of kohl mentioned by the prophet Sl llh lyh wslm and he commanded its use. The other types of kohl (eyeliner) only carry beauty benefits and some of them may contain harmful substances that harm your health.

In addition to it’s beauty, ithmid makes your eyelashes grow longer as affirmed by the prophet Sl llh lyh wslm. It also protects the eyes from UltraViolet (UV) radiation. Ibn al-Qayyim explains that the dark shade of ithmid acts like an invisible covering that absorbs UV radiation and prevents it from entering the eyes.

Other benefits of kohl include: it strengthens the nerves of the eyes and helps in healing eye diseases, it relieves headache and it purifies the eye from dust particles. It also relieves the burning sensation of eyes, soothes the eyelids and removes scabs on the eyes. Ithmid is also a good remedy for insomnia as it soothes the mind and relaxes the body.

The best way to use ithmid is to apply it on the lid of your left eye three times before going to sleep and on the right side twice. This will allow it to stay longer and penetrate deeper into the pores thereby maximizing its benefits. It can also be applied on any part of your face or hair that has lost its growth, especially if you want to thicken it.

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