A kiddush cup is a cherished Judaic item used to hold kosher wine during the Jewish Sabbath and other holidays. The cup is usually made of a silver becher or pewter and comes in a variety of elegant shapes. The cups can also feature ornate designs that add beauty and style to the religious rites.

During Kiddush, the head of household or a religious leader blesses a cup filled with kosher wine or grape juice and distributes it to those in attendance. It is customary to stand for this rite of passage and some families have multiple kiddush cups that are passed around for each person to drink from. It is preferable to have individual cups so that the wine is not poured from a communal cup where there is a possibility of contamination with bacteria and other potential diseases.

The cup used for kiddush must be completely clean and free of chips or other damage; it must be able to hold at least a revi’is (3.8 fl. oz. ; 112 ml). Despite this, it is acceptable to use a glass or other non-disposable cup as long as it holds at least the minimum amount of wine. Regardless of the vessel, it is not appropriate to use a cup that has been touched by a non-Jew since tainting the wine or even a miniscule amount of tainted wine is considered unkosher.

A good quality kiddush cup can be an excellent gift idea for a new house, a bar or bat mitzvah, wedding or other religious celebration. Many people also enjoy giving a set of kiddush cups to hosts of an event so they can offer their guests the opportunity to experience the religious rites. To complete the set, a kiddush plate can be purchased to hold the cup and help catch any spills or drips from the cup. kiddush cup

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