In the pre-digital days, sharing large files meant burning data to disk or USBs, then passing them along in person or through mail. But as remote work grew and employees became increasingly reliant on digital tools to get their jobs done, these tools struggled to keep up with the demand for large file storage. Then came the rush of apps aimed specifically at helping people share, edit and store oversized documents no matter what device or OS they were on.

These apps provide a solution to the problems caused by a reliance on oversized files and a growing need for collaboration among team members working across multiple devices. Some offer secure file transfer, while others are designed to support workflows like content submission. Still others enable users to easily and quickly share, edit, and create large documents from any location or browser.

The best Large File Sharing tools will meet a user’s needs in terms of functionality, ease-of-use and price. They should also support the organization’s overall digital strategy. For example, an app designed for file sharing will not be as useful if it isn’t designed to integrate seamlessly with other key workplace apps, like email and project management tools.

Some of the more popular options include Dropbox and WeTransfer. Both have 2GB of free file storage and allow you to send large files with people who don’t have an account by providing a link that will let them access the file.

Dropbox has a mobile application, desktop application and website that make it easy to upload and share files of any size. It offers a range of plans starting at $120 per month for 1 TB of storage serving up to 10 users.

Dropbox also enables business users to collaborate on projects by allowing them to invite external teams or customers to join folders or collaborative workspaces. It also allows businesses to manage file permissions and customize folder structures to improve team workflows.

WeTransfer is a good choice for individuals who need to share large files infrequently. It allows users to upload up to 20GB of files, and it offers a variety of plans, from free to premium. It also encrypts uploaded files to ensure security.

Another option is Box, which lets businesses share and collaborate on large files through a simple web link that can be used by anyone. It also integrates with other leading productivity tools, including email, Slack and Google Workspaces.

Other high-rated Large File Sharing options include Rakuten Drive, formerly Sendy and ExaVault. Rakuten Drive is a secure file-sharing platform that provides users with up to 1 TB of cloud storage, and it can be used by sending links through an email or company messenger app, such as Slack. It is also compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. Its features include file previews, end-to-end encryption, password protection and more. ExaVault is a cloud storage provider that offers both paid and free plans. It features unlimited storage, unlimited bandwidth and integrations with popular tools, including Slack and Microsoft 365.

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