Male Underwear, Socks and Swimwear Styles – A Look at the Styles for 2013


What is happening on the underwear scene in 2013?

Deciding on the right type of underwear to shop for is becoming a challenging process as a result of the influx of new fabrics, fits and styles. We saw some new trends appear last year and this year they are also becoming much more technical as well.

Whist the design and purpose of male and female underwear vary, the technology used for manufacturing both is steadily becoming the same, and some of the terminologies are also being shared across both genders, like low-rise, enhancers or shape wear.

According to industry experts, men’s underwear is going through a revolution. The most important bit of the latest underwear is that it has to be more functional than ever due to new demands men place on their undies, rather than being a fashion item. The most preferred new categories of functional underwear include enhancing and shaping underwear.

Whilst the traditional briefs and boxers are still preferred among some customers, many men are increasingly becoming conscious of how the underwear fits under their other items of clothing and are choosing tight-fit or low-rise technical products to achieve a better fit.

Women wear garments for compressing their mid-sections and now this is also gaining approval in men’s clothing such as compression T-shirts or body-defining underwear and the new generation of men call for for quality shape enhancing items rather than the old girdle garments. Many brands including, Spanx for Men, Equmen and 2(x)ist offer garments which help the customers achieve this and gain a better looking figure.

Unlike previous underwear, the reason it has become more and more high-tech in recent years is due to the advances in manufacturing and fabrics. Throughout the last few years, softer, lighter and wick moisture fabrics are gaining huge approval. Some brands are using modal or microfibre to include stretch in their products. Being lighter than silk and affording a silky feel, these products are durable and more comfortable than the traditional cotton undergarments.

Finally, another style of designer mens underwear that is getting a lot of popularity at present on the fashion scene is the type that is highlighting the wearers best assets. It does not matter if he wants to generate an impression of a fuller butt or place the goods in front center so that he has an enhanced and defining shape, product designers have designed perfect underwear for both of these demands, which are becoming increasingly available online. personalized fuzzy socks

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