Negotiating Raise Negotiation Strategies


You’ve heard it before: “The only way to get a raise is to find another job.” That may sound like common sense, but negotiating for a new salary is possible at your current company. You just need the right approach to convince your manager that you deserve a boost in pay.

Before you go into a negotiation, do your homework. Find out what the salary range is for your position and what other companies in your industry are paying for the same work. Then decide on a target number that is within that range. This gives your employer a clear idea of what you’re after, and if they make an offer that’s significantly lower than you expected, you can walk away.

Don’t base your request on your personal reasons, such as your bills or the cost of living. Focus on your professional achievements and the value you add to the company. Managers are much more likely to go out of their way to accommodate a fantastic employee who they don’t want to lose.

If your manager isn’t able to give you a raise, try negotiating other benefits instead. Perks like more vacation time or even a better title can be just as valuable as a higher paycheck. And if you don’t get the salary bump you were hoping for, ask for feedback about why. Knowing why your boss said no could help you come up with other negotiating strategies in the future. Raise negotiation strategies

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