Obsession spell is a very effective magic love spell used to make someone obsessed with you and only think of you. This is a serious spell and it is not to be played around with. It can cause a lot of blowback for the person cast on and should only be cast by an experienced and seasoned spell caster like Spellcaster Maxim.

This particular obsession love spell is also called the “goddess Isis” spell and is one of the most powerful love obsession rituals in existence. It works by inducing feelings of adoration, admiration, and devotion in the subject. Once this love spell has been activated, the subject will only think of you and dream about you.

Before starting the spell, gather a small amount of rose petals and a saffron thread. Place them into a red glass container. Then take a black candle and light it. Next, place the red rose petals and saffron thread inside the box with the candle. Make sure the saffron thread is in a circle around the rose petals.

Once you have finished preparing the spell, wait for the full moon to come. It should be an earth moon such as Capricorn, Taurus, or Virgo, if possible.

When the full moon comes, write your name and your loved one’s on a piece of paper. Place it inside the box together with cotton balls. Then close the box tightly and store it somewhere safe where nobody can see it. After ten days, remove the box and you will begin to notice the first signs of the spell’s effectiveness.

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