Reduce Attrition Rates With Salesforce Recruitment Solutions


Your HR department spends a lot of time preparing job descriptions, publishing open roles on the right channels, sifting through applications and resumes, conducting phone screens and in-person interviews, and comparing candidates. These tasks take up the bulk of a recruiter’s day and are often susceptible to unconscious bias, creating a cycle of frustration and inefficiency that leads to high attrition rates.

Fortunately, there is a better way to manage the hiring process. Recruiters can improve their efficiency and reduce attrition rates with an integrated Salesforce solution that can help streamline and automate many of these processes. By using a fully integrated platform that can help manage the entire recruiting process, recruiters can ensure that they are selecting and converting the best possible candidates.

Uniting Ambition’s Salesforce recruitment solutions also allow teams to track a new hire’s progress and ensure that they feel fully integrated into the workplace. This can increase retention rates and create a stronger, more effective organizational culture.

Ana Recio, a head of recruiting at Salesforce, notes that they use their interviewing process to select talent based on their competency levels rather than on their personalities. This is in keeping with their values of inclusivity and equality. They believe that a candidate will be happy to work for them if they know that the company is fair and equitable. They also emphasize that they value a diverse sensibility and encourage their team members to do the same. salesforce recruitment

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