To convey our sun based love and contemplation through Super Mantra Gayatri reciting it is a must that we get legitimate direction from a Sadguru like Taponishtha Yuga Drishta Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya likewise called Maharshi Vishwamitra of this time.

Maharshi Vishwamitra for specific reasons had placed a lock on Super Mantra Gayatri. However Taponishtha Yuga Drishta Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had the mysterious information on the best way to open it and consequently made Gayatri and sun oriented love effectively available and open for pretty much everybody the world over.

Alongside Gayatri or Savitri love it is must that we ponder the sun. In the covert government of contemplation the sun’s electromagnetic stream enters from the ponytail locale in the scalp of the aficionado. Subsequently the Prane energy on getting profoundly progressed gets delivered feather light,SOLAR BASED Otherworldly PRACTICES OR SURYA SADHANA-ITS Procedure AND Approach Articles heavenly and splendid as daylight. Each Gayatri enthusiast alongside Japa should contemplate the sun. Whether you are contemplating Mother Goddess Gayatri or Savita sun-god in the two states you should intellectually picture them in the focal point of the sparkling sun (Surya mandal madhyastha) which is Savita god that gives to its enthusiast a brilliant devout keenness. Thus HH Yuga Rishi Pandit Shriram Sharma Acharya had said that we should focus contemplate Savita alongside executing Gayatri based severities (Vangmaya 15/2/10).

In sun oriented love/reflection the primary advances are Suryarghya, Suryopsthan, Suryanamaskar, Suryasnan, Suryasanidhya, Suryasevan, Suryadarshan, Suryaparikrama and so forth. Consequently every Gayatri lover should execute every one of these means of sunlight based love referenced close to a water region like lakes, stream and so on situated confronting the eastern course.


Each brother and sister the world over should offer one vessel loaded with water to sun god since it is an extremely equitable demonstration. However the inquiry raised is the reason would it be a good idea for anyone to do as such? In the event that we don’t profoundly comprehend this the all out advantage of offering water to sun got doesn’t accumulate. The Power Board sends us a bill of how much power we use in our home, office and so forth. However right from dawn to dusk since we utilize the light, energy, awareness and so on of Savita sun-god the inquiry is how would we foot this bill? We are thankful and obligated to sun divinity. Subsequently day to day in the early morning hours with a feeling of thanks we offer Arghya or water to the sun by saying: O provider of life force! We can’t support our lives without your gifts. For as long as we can remember we will stay obliged to you. If it’s not too much trouble, compassionately acknowledge our love and respect so that because of your gifts we become blessed, strong and enthusiastic.

In the wake of taking unadulterated water (to which is added blossoms and fragrant sandalwood glue) in a vessel of copper with profound confidence and dedication confronting sun god overhead before the sun rises this Arghya ought to be advertised. (The Suryarghya Mantra is given underneath). Take a spoonful of water from the copper vessel, pour this water on the two palms of the hand, place both the palms pointing toward the sun, serenade multiple times every Super Mantra Gayatri and Surya Mantra rub the two palms. Then, at that point, rub these palms all over, heart, scalp, ears while the palms are yet wet. Water impacted by sun powered beams is called Soma Rasa or undying nectar/Amrit. By tasting it respectfully our sicknesses get restored and we carry on with a long solid life.


Om bhurbhuvaha swaha tatsaviturvarenyam bhargo devasya dheemahi dhiyo far off aha prachodayat.


Om bhaskaraya vidmahe divakaraya dheemahi tannaha suryaha prachodayat


Suryadeva sahasransho tejo rashey jagatpate.

Anukampya mam bhaktyam grihan arghyam divakar.

Om suryaya namaha.

Adityaya namaha.

Bhaskaraya namaha

At day break and around early afternoon Arghya can be presented in water (that is all there is to it can tumble down into stream, lake waters and so on) yet the Arghya water proposed to the sun at dusk should fall on the ground as it were. At first light this Arghya stream of water ought to stream multiple times to the sun and by reciting the Mantra ‘Om suryaya namaha. Om bhaskaraya namaha. Om adityaya namaha’ offer Suryarghya.michael kors bags brown

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