Techopedia Explains YouTube Premium


In the world of subscription services, there are a lot of popular options to choose from. From Netflix and Hulu to Spotify, Apple Music, Audible and countless others. But one that often gets overlooked is YouTube Premium.

Previously known as YouTube Red, the paid version of the video-hosting service offers a few key benefits, including ad-free videos and offline content downloads. It also includes ad-free YouTube Music and access to original content like Rooster Teeth and Lilly Singh’s YouTube Originals series. Plus, it comes with Picture-in-Picture, allowing users to watch videos or listen to audio while working in another app or doing other things on their phone.

As a bonus, subscribers also get a percentage of their YouTube Premium subscriptions split among monetized creators who have received views from YouTube Premium users. So it’s a way to help out the community while enjoying an ad-free experience.

The perks of YouTube Premium make it a good option for anyone who watches a lot of videos and enjoys the service’s other features. It’s a little more expensive than other streaming services but it’s worth it if you prioritize an ad-free experience and the extra perks of the Premium suite.

Techopedia Explains YouTube Premium
This offer is valid for new YouTube Premium subscribers in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Germany, Russia, Turkey, India, Thailand and Japan who sign up through the YouTube app and select the annual plan. It is not available for existing monthly subscribers and users on family or student plans must cancel their current subscription to qualify. اشتراك يوتيوب بريميوم سنة

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