The Basics of Puppy Insurance


Puppies have a lot of energy and curiosity, which is part of the joy of having one—but these traits can also lead to accidents or illnesses that require veterinary treatment. Without the right coverage, these expenses can be very expensive. Puppy insurance can help you offset these costs and give you peace of mind in case of the unexpected.

The basics of puppy insurance

Pet health care policies are similar to the healthcare plans you or your family may have, though these generally cover a wider range of costs than individual health plans. You pay a monthly premium to an insurance agency, which then reimburses you for your pet’s eligible vet bills. There are several types of insurance available, so you can choose the plan that best fits your budget and needs.

The most common type of pet insurance is accident and illness coverage. These plans typically reimburse for the cost of treating injuries and illnesses that result from normal activities, like tearing a cruciate ligament or swallowing a foreign object. These plans can also help you pay for hereditary and congenital diseases that are breed-specific, such as a tendency toward a herniated cruciate ligament, if they’re diagnosed after your puppy is enrolled in the policy.

A separate type of pet health insurance is chronic illness coverage, which reimburses for the cost of caring for hereditary and congenital diseases such as cancer or arthritis. These policies typically cover the cost of medication, diagnostic tests, hospitalization and treatments, and surgery costs. These plans can also help you pay for food, supplements and other things your pet may need to stay healthy.

Many pet insurance companies offer additional add-ons to their plans. These include wellness exams, which can help your puppy stay on top of his basic vaccinations and preventative health care. Hereditary and congenital disease coverage is another popular add-on, which can help you pay for hereditary conditions that may cause health issues later in life.

Other options available from some insurers are dental and ophthalmic care coverage, which help with routine procedures such as teeth cleanings or eye exams. Finally, there are lifetime policies, which are designed to last a pet’s entire lifetime and typically come with lower monthly rates than other types of pet insurance.

Pumpkin’s puppy insurance

Puppy insurance is a smart way to help protect your pup from costly vet ruh-rohs. The earlier you enroll your puppy, the better. That’s because our pumpkin plans base your monthly rate for life on your puppy’s age when you enroll, not their age when they’re a senior. So the younger they are, the less likely they are to have pre-existing conditions that would be excluded from a standard policy. And that means a better chance for your puppy to rebound from those ruh-rohs.

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