The Miracle Of Clogs – They Are Now Back In Style!


There are many kinds of shoes and one of the types that is otherwise looked at, as one of the oldest types is the clog shoe. Having been used by miners, farmers and factory workers for protection, these shoes were common for their durability.

The design of the shoe was such that the back was open and the front was close. Clog shoes were made out of wood even though some were made out of leather, with the sole still being made of wood.

With time, clog dancing was introduced into the society of peasants. These shoes could be likened to the tap heels though they produced a different sound.

Over the years, clog shoes have gone through many alterations even though certain features are still the same. Today’s clog shoes do not have a back and only have a small lip. The shoe’s bottom is curve upwards towards the toe.

Cloth, plastic, canvas, leather and rubber are some of the materials used to make these shoes today. Many people wear these shoes at their workplaces including hospital staff, chefs and gardeners. In their day-to-day lives, many people actually wear these shoes.

The clog shoes went off the fashion trend but they are getting back onto the trend even though it might have somehow changed. The earlier years of the 70’s and the 80’s saw the Swedish clogs being very common and worn without socks.

The concept of wearing clogs without socks still seems to be the desirable fashion trend today. Women are wearing these shoes in place of flip-flops and sandals.

Many people today are actually taking to these shoes and right from the mainstream fashion houses to the simple shops across the street. The clog shoes are becoming a common scenario both in the world of both men and women. customized fuzzy socks

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