Top 5 Coffee Shops in the Netherlands


Since marijuana became legal in the Netherlands, coffee shops have been a popular way to enjoy this drug in a relaxed environment. These establishments sell cannabis and haveh to adults over the age of 18, with strict rules in place to ensure public safety.

Many of the best coffee shops in Amsterdam feature dazzling decor that rivals even those of their glitzy counterparts in Hollywood. Some are known for their high-class service and others have gained a reputation for their unique products, such as space muffins and frosted brownies. In addition to the drinks and edibles on offer, these places also host events such as horoscope readings and acoustic music concerts.

Barney’s is a popular choice among tourists and locals on Haarlemmerstraat. The friendly staff and world-class strains have earned this shop a number of ‘High Times Cup’ awards over the years. In the first floor area, visitors can chill on comfortable wicker chairs or play table football with friends. Downstairs is an under-water themed seating area — ideal for anyone looking to relax in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Coffee shops in the Netherlands

Located on the Oudezijds Voorburgwal canalside, Green House Centrum is another highly acclaimed coffeeshop. It’s a bit of a hot spot for fans of the website Strain Hunters. Many come to visit for its classy lounge, with a huge bar area and samples of some of the best strains in the world.

Founded in 1992, Abraxas has become a favorite among Amsterdam locals and visitors. Its fairytale-themed interior on Jonge Roelensteeg is decorated with wood, glass and stone. The classy lounge has a cozy feel to it, and the menu includes coffee-infused weeds as well as rolled selections and space muffins.

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