Since launch, the playstation 5 has built up a stellar library of great games, with some titles launching as recently as this month. Its powerful hardware is backed up by Sony’s innovative controller, and the best playstation 5 games showcase both in ways that are truly memorable.

Astro’s Playroom is one of the most impressive pack-in games in recent memory, as it offers a genuinely entertaining first taste of what PlayStation 5 is capable of. From the sumptuous, crystal clear 4K visuals to the pleasing 3D audio, this is a gem of a platformer that comes pre-installed on every PS5.

EA’s latest FIFA soccer sim isn’t just a worthy entry in the franchise; it’s also a brilliant showcase of what the PS5 can do. With stunning, hyper-realistic graphics and gameplay that feels smoother than ever, this is the most authentic soccer experience you can get on console.

A superbly-crafted JRPG, Persona 5 Royal is the pinnacle of Sony’s flagship console, and it’s a game that demonstrates how a great story and compelling gameplay can stand the test of time. The game’s big improvements, such as its native 4K resolution and silky-smooth 60 fps framerate, make this a must-play for RPG fans.

The world of Uncharted 4 is a globe-trotting delight and it’s even more immersive on the PlayStation 5, as the performance enhancements deliver a smooth, crisp experience. Likewise, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is the definitive superhero experience on PlayStation, with a cinematic quality that rivals Hollywood blockbusters. playstation 5 games

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