Trends in Kitchen Cabinet Design


It’s been a while since gray was enthusiastically embraced as the new neutral, but now we’re starting to see it as sterile and uninviting (especially battleship shades with cold blue undertones). This year the National Kitchen and Bath Association is expecting homeowners to embrace warm natural wood tones again. ‘We’ll also see more creative ways to incorporate them into cabinetry, such as by pairing stained wood upper cabinets with painted lowers’, says NKBA’s Casey Swanson.

Darker colors don’t have to feel moody or cavelike if they’re balanced with bright white finishes and shiny metal hardware. This kitchen by New England Design Works uses a rich burgundy paint color that’s complemented with glossy brass handles, resulting in an inviting and sophisticated look.

Curves are a great way to add subtle visual interest to your kitchen cabinet design. Whether they’re full-on voluptuous or gently rounded, curved details soften the overall layout of your cabinetry and create an airy, spacious feeling in your kitchen.

In addition to incorporating curved shapes into the layout of your cabinetry, you can also experiment with different styles of door and drawer pulls. Here, designer Karen Swanson used alternating knobs and pulls to play up shape variations on the upper cabinet doors.

Another popular cabinet design trend that’s gaining momentum is removing the doors on your upper cabinets for an open feel. If this isn’t a practical option for you, consider adding glass front cabinets to hold a few of your prettiest dishware pieces. This simple upgrade is a cost-effective alternative to opening up your entire cabinetry and can be easily updated by introducing new glass door panels with varying patterns or shapes. kitchen cabinet design

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