Having blotchy or discolored skin is something that individuals would not want. Unfortunately, this occurs frequently, especially when it is caused by different skin conditions such as melasma. This article will take a look at the use of tretinoin for treating melasma.

Melasma is an extremely difficult skin condition to treat. The symptoms are actually and irregular brown spots that are generally found on the faces of women. It often occur in women who are pregnant or taking birth control pills. It is widely believed that the darkened pigmentation is a result of increased levels of estrogen in the body of the woman. The condition can also be caused by genetics and exposure to the sun. Usually the spots will fade on their own, however in some instances they will remain.

Usually when it comes to treating melasma, hydroquinone cream are the first to product used. These creams have been proven to be very effective at getting rid of the skin condition. Improvement is usually seen between 6 to 12 weeks, however the spots will return once they stop using hydroquinone.

Tretinoin (Known as Renova, Retin-A) is sometimes used with hydroquinone as a treatment for melasma. This product is used based on the fact that it has the ability to raise the turnover of skin cells. This is good as this allows for the reduction of the excess pigmentation that causes dark spots. When Tretinoin is used it will lighten the melasma spots over the body after a couple of months. It should be noted that once an individual starts treatment, the spots will likely return. Individuals should be aware that there are no real serious side effects associated with using tretinoin and melasma. The one adverse effect is skin irritation. This usually occurs when high concentrations are used.

In closing, Tretinoin for melasma is an excellent treatment. Combined with hydroquinone, it will reduce the look of melasma spots in a couple of weeks. For people who are suffering from this skin condition, they should definitely consider this product.

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