Wearable Blanket For the Cold Af


Winter is the season for kicking back, snuggling on the couch, and binging all the TV shows you can possibly manage. It’s also the season of feeling cold af, which makes it essential to have plenty of cozy gear around the house to keep you nice and toasty.

That’s where this wearable blanket comes in. The Comfy is a sweatshirt/blanket hybrid that’s perfect for staying warm all winter long. Its supersoft microfiber exterior and sherpa lining feel and look just like a cloud wrapped around your body, so you’ll be as happy as a kid on Christmas morning when you put it on in the morning.

According to the co-founders of the product on their website, one of them conceived of the idea while watching his nephew play with a blanket and a sweatshirt one chilly day. They figured, why not combine the two into one super warm item that’s easier to move in than a blanket and just as comfortable? The result is the oversized, one-size-fits-all Comfy.

If you’re not convinced, check out some of the best reviews on the product to see how much people love it. One reviewer raves that it keeps them so warm they had to turn the thermostat down and another says it’s even better than a down comforter.

Plus, the huge hood and big pocket make this the perfect item to channel your inner Addison Rae for a hilarious TikTok video. You could also use it for a group dance challenge with friends or the whole family, as seen in this TikTok from a quarantine crew who wore matching Comfy’s. comfy af

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