What Are Garment Finishing Services?


Fashion designers spend a lot of time and money making sure that the final product they’re releasing to their consumer is perfect. However, they often forget about the finishing touches that make the difference between a great design and an amazing product. Garment finishing services include woven labels, swing tickets and branded packaging.

These services can add a premium, retail feel to your products and are a great way to promote your brand. In addition, they’re a great way to differentiate your products from the competition, creating a more memorable experience for your customers.

The textile manufacturing industry has a huge impact on the environment and needs to take care of its environmental footprint. Garment finishing companies can help with this by minimizing the use of chemicals and reducing energy consumption. They also need to find ways of reducing water emissions. In addition, they need to work with suppliers that have the same goals when it comes to minimizing their impact on the environment.

When it comes to garment production, there are two main routes that brands can choose to go down: Cut, Make, Trim (CMT) or Full Product Package (FPP). FPP manufacturers are able to offer more services like pattern cutting, printing, washing, appliques and embroidery. These companies can also handle the entire order from start to finish and are best suited for brands who want to retain complete control of the production process.

CMT manufacturers are more suited for smaller orders and can provide a quick turnaround time. These companies can produce a fully finished product using the specifications and tech packs that are provided to them. They can also handle the sewing, cutting and sewing of the materials, ensuring that the final product meets quality standards.

Garment finishing is the last step in the garment production process. It includes a series of processes that take place on the greige fabric before it is made into a garment or accessory. The finishing processes are primarily wet operations and can include coating, foam applications and various chemical treatments to achieve specific results. Some common finishes include stain resistance, stiffness and waterproofing.

The finishing process can also be used for garment renewal, where old inventory is wet processed to refresh them for new products. This can be done to make the garments lighter, softer and more attractive or to improve their performance.

During the cutting and manufacturing stages, the manufacturer will need to remove the original neck label from the garments before they can apply a new one. This can be replaced with a printed label that contains size, wash instructions and any other important details for the customer. Alternatively, a woven tag can be applied to the sleeve or bottom hem for a more premium look.

The best way to find the right garment finishing company for your business is to use a platform that connects you with factory experts based on your production requirements. Sewport offers a simple filter system that can connect you with professionals based on your manufacturing methods. Sign up today to start collaborating with the right manufacturing team for your business. apparel finishing services

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